Home EV Chargers For Toyota Prius

EV Charging Stations

At Current Electric Systems, we’re proud to provide EV charging station services for your Toyota Prius. With such an iconic name, the Prius has built its history on being a forerunner in the industry of green vehicles. With its inception in the early 2010’s, it has been an influential vehicle within the car industry. As newer models continue to be released and homeowners desiring an easy charging station, at-home solutions have become very popular.

As this demand for electric car charging stations has increased with our clients in Minneapolis, we have increased our efforts to provide local, easy solutions to their electric vehicle needs. Providing high-quality home chargers for the Toyota Prius is something we take pride in. Our Level 2 EV chargers provide accelerated charging speed compared to the typical wall outlet charge.  Compared to a Level 2 charger that can reach a full charge in 3-4 hours, a simple wall outlet will take most hours of the night to regain 100% life. If you’re looking for a quick-charging solution for your Toyota Prius, contact Current Electric Systems for all of your home EV charging station needs.

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