Home EV Chargers For Tesla Models

EV Charging Stations

Owning an electric vehicle is a great way to substantially decrease your personal carbon footprint and one that can also save you money as well. As a frontrunner in electric vehicle technology, Tesla has paved the way for future electric vehicle use. If you currently own a Tesla Model S, Model X or a Model 3, it is extremely convenient to own a home charging station.

This EV charging station is very beneficial as you won’t have to rely on various charging stations throughout the Minneapolis area. At Current Electric Systems, we offer installations of Level 2 charging stations for rapid charging experiences. With this home charging system, you are able to easily choose when to charge your Tesla vehicle and possibly benefit from discount electricity usage rates by not charging during peak electricity hours of the day. With the electric vehicle industry only continuing to grow, investing in your own EV charging station is a great option.  If you’re looking for a Tesla home charging station of your own, contact Current Electric Systems today!

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