Home EV Chargers For Chevrolet Bolt

EV Charging Stations

As automakers continue improving their electric vehicles and their production numbers, the amount of EV charging stations will also need to increase to accommodate the rising EV popularity. While the Chevy Bolt follows along this trend, its Minneapolis owners will also need access to a charger. At Current Electric Systems, we are proud to provide high quality Chevy Bolt home charger solutions.

Relying on public units to recharge your Chevy Bolt isn’t too efficient of a solution when you could simply charge your EV while you’re at home.  However, plugging your vehicle into a 120V wall outlet isn’t the best option either as it takes significantly more time than the upgraded Level 2 charging station.  With the help of our incredible service technicians, you can have your very own efficient Chevy Bolt home charger. Having this convenient utility at your nearby disposal will allow you to feel more in control of your EV charging. You also might be eligible for discounted electrical usage rates during non-peak times of the day.  Call us today for your Level 2 charging station installation today!

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